What keeps SHARP Records & Plans at the cutting edge of care planning?

Simply,  SHARP Records & Plans is continually updated to meet good practice guidance and changes in legislation.  Our users also contribute to improvements in form use and style

  • Our documents are constantly under review and are updated as the guidance and Regulations change. Our SHARP users are invited formally each year to give feedback. We invite informal feedback at any time, by phone, by email and in meetings. SHARP users’ views are invaluable in keeping SHARP fit for purpose and user-friendly.
  • SHARP users benefit from workshops twice a year and these are designed to update them on current best practice in the care of older people. This year we have focused on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and new guidance on Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.  Each home has 2 free places at each workshop.
  • So, we keep at the cutting edge of care planning by focusing on what gives people living in care homes a sense of wellbeing. 
  • The SHARP Records & Plans system and our support for the people working in care homes are channelled towards this goal.

What do the people living in care homes want?

  • People living care homes want people working in care homes to support them as they would like, according to their preferences. SHARP Records & Plans enables a person-centred approach
  • SHARP is designed to be accessible to the person and for them to be involved as much as they are able and want to be involved. 

What do people working in care homes want?

When we ask people working in care homes what they want from their care planning system they tell us they want a system which is:

  • User-friendly for everyone 
  • Shows a person-centred approach
  • Has prompts for staff to follow
  • Demonstrates compliance with current standards and regulations (Fundamental Standards)

SHARP can do all of these! Read what our users say by clicking here.

What do people visiting care homes want?

  • People visiting their loved ones in care homes want to know that they are receiving the care they need in a caring and sensitive way.
  • SHARP is designed to show the role of those visiting their loved ones and the scope of their participation.

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SHARP Recommendations

"The SHARP care planning system allows us to create care plans that incorporate individual requirements in a clear, user-friendly format.  

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SHARP to other care providers looking for an organisational system that puts service users at the heart of care"

Care South, a leading provider of high quality, innovative residential and home care services 

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